Roses and lilies and orchids, oh my! Your guide to summer wedding flowers.

Some flowers are only available in the summer season for your wedding. But in my eyes, they are also the most beautiful. Here is your guide to the most beautiful flowers of the summer season:
1. Roses are available year-round. They set the standard for wedding flowers.

2. Lilies are available in the summer and are always a beautiful match in terms of color for brides. According to “The Standard White Calla Lily is one of the brides most popular choices year around.” Casablanca lilies and stargazer lilies are also in season and are very beautiful.

3. Orchids are also a popular wedding flower. In one wedding planned by Myrna Swire of It’s Your Party the bride wore purple orchids in her hair. They can also make beautiful center pieces and bouquets.

4. Gladiolus are in season and come in a wide variety of colors. They would be perfect to adorn a wedding arch or a beautiful ballroom.

To accessorize your flowers you can add paper cutouts or sparkles to your arrangements. Paper butterflies make a great addition to any arrangement. Or try something that Myrna Swire has done in the past, work your flowers around branches to make a fuller arrangement.