Myrna Swire featured in Boca Raton Observer Magazine

We are very proud to share the Boca Raton Observer Article, “Where’s the Party?” written by Lori Lawrence and found in the December Issue. It’s Your Party’s Myrna Swire is one of the featured event planners! Myrna gives some great advice for anyone getting ready to throw a party, holiday or otherwise. A few of our most favorite quotes…

“‘During our first conversation, I ask clients how they see the event going — how many people, is it a drop-by kind of thing?’ says Myrna Swire, owner of It’s Your Party, a full-service event design company based in Boca Raton. ‘An open house is a whole different way to function as opposed to a sit-down dinner.'”

“Swire provides clients with a list indicating what’s needed based on the number of guests. ‘For 100 guests, how many bottles of vodka they’ll need, that sort of thing.’ she says.”

“‘Usually people don’t want to tell you their budget,’ says Swire. ‘It’s like when you buy a car. You don’t want to tell the showroom manager what you can spend. But when it comes to a party, you can spend $5000, $45,000, or anywhere in between,’ she explains. ‘It’s much easier if you tell me, ‘OK, I have $10,000, what can I get for 50 people?’ I know what things cost, so I’ll know whether the menu will have to be chicken instead of roast beef. That’s another way a planner can help you.'”

“If everyone’s feeling particularly festive, consider trotting out the karaoke machine to liven things up midway through the evening. ‘People have had drinks and they’re a little loose by then, so it’s fun,’ says Swire. ‘There is a beginning, middle, and end to each event, and entertainment should follow that flow.'”

“The easiest way to be a guest at your own party is to enlist the services of a professional. As Swire puts it, ‘If you have to go to court, you want to have a good attorney. That’s how I see planning an event. That way, you have a good time at your own party. I’m there, I dress as if I’m a guest, I don’t have a big ‘Event Producer’ sign on me, but I am overseeing to make sure chafing dishes are replenished and that leftover glasses are removed — I run it like a show, because that’s really what it is.'”