The Best Wedding Hair for You

Who says up-do’s are the only way to go? More and more brides are choosing to literally let their hair down on their wedding day. Here are some of the best up and coming, and simple, styles we have seen:

1. Try a style that is down and to the side like Carrie Underwood in this picture. If you need more inspiration, this seems to be Carrie’s go-to hair style so there is plenty of photos for you to work with. The simple nature of the style allows you to play up more with your gown in terms of jewelry and maybe a veil. To turn it up a little, add more curls and volume than Carrie’s sleek hair.

2. If you have shorter hair, have your stylist smooth it out in a sleek, voluminous style – especially if you are having a beach wedding where your curls aren’t going to hold in the heat anyway. A simple hairspray will keep this style looking great through your ceremony, reception and beyond. Cameron Diaz, below, shows that straight hair can be more formal than you think.

3. Do you absolutely need to have your hair up at your wedding? If this is the case make sure to go with a simple up-do with lots of volume. Don’t add too many accessories or it can become distracting, especially if you already have a veil on your head.

 4. Princess Kate herself went very simple with her hair on her wedding day. Her dark brown hair seems as though it was taken through a large barreled curling iron and was sprayed just so it could look good under her crown. Get more tips on how to get her hair at:

 5. If you have short hair, there is a way for it to be curly at your wedding without looking too large for life. Eva Longoria’s delicate curls like the ones shown below are a perfect look for a wedding day. Have your hair stylist use hot rollers to give your hair body.

7. If you have long hair, there’s no way to got wrong with letting your hair stylist give you long, luscious curls for your wedding day. Kate Beckinsale, below, lets her hair fall naturally along her back. This hairstyle would be perfect to add a veil onto.
8. If you want an accessory, like a headband, have your hairstylist tease your hair along the line of the headband. Reese’s style below would look good on anyone, even people with longer hair than her.

9. A half-up, half-down hairstyle is always fun but it simple at the same time. Carrie’s hair has a ton of body and volume but it is not too distracting. This look is perfect for a wedding.