Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Planner

Their Specialty is to Plan Weddings

Some people rely on family and friends to help plan their wedding. Here’s the reality; your family and friends are NOT wedding planners. In fact, your friends have a life of their own and their personal lives can get in the way of planning your special event. That is why you need to hire someone whose only job is to help plan your wedding. I can guarantee you that a wedding planner will put you, your loved ones, and the wedding as their number one priority.

Wedding Planners Take Care of Everything So That You Don’t Have To

The best thing about professional wedding planners is the fact that they know what they are doing. They help take care of invitations, picking out a design/color scheme, making payments to vendors, and so much more. There are things that could possibly go wrong at a very undesirable moment, but no worries! Your wedding planner is there to take care of any situation that could possibly happen minutes before your wedding.

Wedding Planners Save you Money

Some people worry about the cost of hiring a wedding planner. But what many people don’t realize is the fact wedding planners are always on your side. They work with your budget to make sure you get everything that you want on your special night. Planners receive wholesale prices and should pass the savings along to their couples. Believe it or not, you will spend less with a wedding planner as opposed to planning a wedding on your own.

Wedding Planners are Great Negotiators

Professional wedding planners have the ability to make good deals. They have experience doing that from previous weddings. In fact, they will not stop until you get what you want. They also have connections with multiple vendors that could be used during your wedding. If you plan your wedding on your own, you will not know which vendor to choose or which one gives you the best deal.

Wedding Planners Take Away Stress

Wedding planning isn’t easy. There are so many little details that need to be considered and done. Couples that plan weddings by themselves will realize that planning such a huge event can be very stressful and exhausting. They may even begin to argue in the process of planning. That is why it is important to hire someone who will help organize and plan everything so that you and your family don’t have to stress over it.


So relax. It’s your special night. You should be 100% present at your wedding. Hiring the right and professional wedding planner will make your wedding amazing and stress free!


This article was written by Myrna Swire. Myrna Swire is a professional wedding and event planner since 1998. She has won numerous awards including The 2016 Best of Boca Raton Award in the Event Planning category.

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