How Wedding Designers and Couples Use Pinterest


In our remarkable age of instant information and photography online, Pinterest is an amazing and useful tool. There is an incredible amount of information for ideas involving flower selections, color palettes for clothing and décor plus many other useful tools Pinterest offers to help a couple select their personal tastes.

Working with a wedding designer/planner who helps couples create a ‘design board’ focused on their event is of enormous help in the planning stages of any wedding. It is not always easy for brides to hone in on exactly the look & feel that she wants to create, so the usage of professional guidance with photos is extremely helpful. Having a degree in design is very helpful in planning and creating any special event….and the value of Pinterest is to be cheered!

I’ve used Pinterest to work with multiple couples. There’s a collaboration tool that let’s people work on a board simultaneously. By using this, I get an idea of what the couple want their wedding to look like.


Not only do I collaborate with brides, but I also have numerous boards for my couples to follow and see. I pin trends, color palettes, place cards, bridal gowns, and more.