Jessica & Todd

Jessica and Todd got engaged on a trip to Israel, where Todd proposed with a fake ring. After a few months, Jessica reached out to me to be her wedding planner and she wanted the wedding to reflect their special relationship even though she still did not receive a real ring..but inevitably did. Exciting, unique and creative are the best words to describe this relationship, so we set out to plan an exciting and unexpected wedding! The ceremony took place overlooking the water. We had to be sure there were no large yachts parked at this location which would have diminished the view. The ceremony music began, but where was the groom? All of a sudden the title track for James Bond began to play…and in the distance the guests saw a sea-doo quickly approaching. It was Todd in a tux arriving via the water! This was a total surprise to all and set the mood for this outstanding unique wedding. The cocktail hour followed outdoors with a cigar roller and cartoonist for entertainment. The reception continued indoors at one of Boca Raton’s best Italian restaurants which we transformed into a private dining space to reflect their wedding taste and style. The magnificent red rose centerpieces contrasted with the chocolate tones surrounding. During the dinner we had a Latin Band for all the salsa dancers, but we surprised everyone when our Mariachi Band performers entered the room with a loud Ole for the dessert buffet!