Top Must-Haves for your Next Summer Party

Summer is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than to throw a party? Whether you want to celebrate a graduation or have a get together in your backyard, summer parties are always a good idea. Here are the top must-haves to make your next summer party one to remember.

Food Trucks

Instead of having a barbecue, why not rent multiple food trucks? I’m sure that there are many food truck owners who are willing to cater at your party in order to expand their business. Your guests get to have a wide variety of delicious food and you don’t have to cook anything. I mean who doesn’t enjoy tasty food truck food?

Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great way to laugh and joke around with friends. You can either rent one or make one on your own. If you do decide to make your own photo booth, make sure you have a camera, a tripod, a backdrop, and silly accessories. You can email the funny photos to your friends afterwards.


Hiring a DJ is probably one of the most common things to do when throwing a party. DJs always tend to liven up the party and get everyone out of their seats. I mean who doesn’t like to get up and dance to great music? Also, make sure that you hire a DJ that plays the music that you want at your party. I mean, what’s a fun party without great music?


Ice Cream Bar

An ice cream bar is perfect for the summer! What’s a better way to attract guests than your very own ice cream bar? It is very cute and really easy to make. All you need is an outdoor freezer to store the ice cream and a table with all sorts of toppings. You can get creative with the toppings, such as getting crushed graham crackers, mini marshmallows, or even gummy worms. Your guests will definitely enjoy their delicious creations.


One cool idea is to have a projector at your summer party. The good thing about a projector is that you can display movies, videos, and photos. Now the projector does not have to be indoors, it could be outdoors! This is perfect for high school graduation parties. There is no better way to reminisce on good times with friends than watching old videos and photos displaying on a huge screen.

Beautiful Lighting

I cannot stress how important lighting is, especially for outdoor parties. You should get creative with the lighting you use at your party. Instead of having regular light bulbs on a wall, why not use stream lights? Stream lights always look magical and beautiful. Also, light-up objects are so cool for nighttime parties. The good thing about this is that they could literally be used for anything. In fact, you can even use even use them as party favors. You could have a light-up bar, light-up utensils, or glowing sticks and necklaces for the dance floor; the list goes on!

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I hope these ideas have helped you plan out what you want for your summer party. Of course, do not limit yourself to this list. The possibilities are endless for fun summer parties!

Eventfully yours,

Myrna Swire