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Advice from the best event planners in South Florida

Picture courtesy of Aventura Magazine

Picture courtesy of Aventura Magazine

Before you stress about your annual holiday soiree, take some tips from local party planning experts about how to avoid potential disasters and make your event a night to remember—in a good way.

It’s Your Party’s Myrna Swire is featured in “That’s Entertainment,” an article in Aventura Magazine. Click here to read more.

The Do’s and Dont’s of South Florida Weddings

Here’s what to do, according to Myrna Swire:
1. Always have fans or some sort of air-conditioning. Florida in the summer is beautiful, but it also can get up to degrees above 100.
2. Always, always, always have a backup plan in case of rain. Most resorts and hotels have some sort of indoor ballroom that can always be used in case of rain.
3. Make sure you have a roof in any sort of manner. There may be afternoon sun showers. Most bands also have clauses in their contracts that prohibit their instruments from getting wet. So you always have to have cover for them.

Here is what not to do:
1. Because it is hurricane season, don’t underestimate the weather. Hurricanes can form within a matter of days.
2. Do your photos on the beach earlier in the morning when it’s not too hot and not raining so that you’ll have the ocean in your photos, but don’t rely on the sun-shining at 4 p.m. before your ceremony
3. As much as you’ve dreamt of an ocean ceremony, don’t have a wedding on the beach in the summer.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Why have a destination wedding?

Why should you have a destination wedding? Better yet, why does South Florida make an ideal place to step away from it all and get married?

First off, destination weddings are virtually stress-free. Sure you won’t get the opportunity to go to the location every other day to help you to visualize your wedding, but a great wedding planner, like Myrna Swire, can help to solve that problem all together. With a destination wedding, the world seems to be your oyster. There are no confines of what your family wants you to do or where they want you to get married in your hometown. The place is a blank slate for everyone involved.

Additionally, destination weddings serve as a once in a lifetime opportunity to reunite family and friends. These people can enjoy a vacation together while spending the time to celebrate you and your wonderful marriage.

Strangely, destination weddings can also save you money. Sure, there is usually airfare involved, but the select number of people that will choose to come to your wedding will make for a more intimate wedding, thus you will have more money leftover to enhance your wedding day.

Need some ideas for places to get married in South Florida?
Check out some of our favorites –
1. The Breakers, Palm Beach

2. The Boca Raton Resort and Club
Jessica, the bride, at a wedding planned by Myrna Swire that took place at the Boca Raton Resort and Club
3. The Colony, Palm Beach
4. Little Palm Island Resort and Spa
Photo courtesy of New Ground Photo
5. The Marriott of Singer Island
A wedding planned by Myrna Swire