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7 Tips to Choosing Your Bridesmaids

7 Tips to Choosing Your Bridesmaids

These women will be your support group, you’re A Team and wedding day front line!

Think About the Amount

First think about how many guests you’re expecting to have and how formal your event will be. A good rule of thumb is to have one groomsman and one corresponding bridesmaid for every 50 guests, but it’s not a math formula. All it means is that a larger wedding party fits in better at a large and formal wedding. If you are planning a small and intimate gathering, you should opt for a smaller bridal party.

More is Not Always Merrier

The more bridesmaids you have, the greater potential for complications. You will need to have more people to agree on a dress, shower date and coordination of all the other joys of bridal party-dom.

Blood is Thicker Than Water

If you’re close to your sister and future sister-in-law, the thought of not including them in your wedding party has probably never even occurred to you. If it did, it’s usually worth including family just to avoid unnecessary conflict. Think of it as having more bargaining power when you’re battling with your families over the guest list.


Try Not to Make Hasty Assumptions

Don’t write off some friends simply because you think they don’t have enough money to afford that Vera Wang bridesmaid dress you have your eye on. If you want to ask a friend you know is having financial difficulties, you can always tell her that you would love for her to be a bridesmaid, but understand the financial side. If she has to decline, promise to find something else for her to do so she is involved with the wedding.

A Bridesmaid Does Not Have to be a Woman

If your best friend is a guy, there is no reason why he can’t be in your wedding party. Today, many couples are including members of the opposite sex to stand by them. In these cases, a man of the bride’s side is simply called an attendant or brides man, while a woman on the groom’s side can be called a grooms woman.

You Can Have Two Maids of Honor

There is no rule that says you can’t. If there are two women you feel closest to, of course you want them both by your side on your wedding day. Just be aware that they may squabble over honor attendant duties: who gets to hold the ring, the bouquet, stand right next to you, sign the license and so on. Just be specific when you tell them both what you want them to do.


It’s OK to Have Uneven Numbers of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

No law of symmetry here when it comes to wedding parties. Don’t put yourself under the added pressure to fill positions, should they be empty. Once you decide about your bridesmaids, you should get the word out. There might be nothing worse than a friend who assumes she is going to be a bridesmaid when she is not. Don’t be afraid of hurting someone’s feelings…..any true friend will understand whatever decision you ultimately make.

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How Wedding Designers and Couples Use Pinterest

How Wedding Designers and Couples Use Pinterest


In our remarkable age of instant information and photography online, Pinterest is an amazing and useful tool. There is an incredible amount of information for ideas involving flower selections, color palettes for clothing and décor plus many other useful tools Pinterest offers to help a couple select their personal tastes.

Working with a wedding designer/planner who helps couples create a ‘design board’ focused on their event is of enormous help in the planning stages of any wedding. It is not always easy for brides to hone in on exactly the look & feel that she wants to create, so the usage of professional guidance with photos is extremely helpful. Having a degree in design is very helpful in planning and creating any special event….and the value of Pinterest is to be cheered!

I’ve used Pinterest to work with multiple couples. There’s a collaboration tool that let’s people work on a board simultaneously. By using this, I get an idea of what the couple want their wedding to look like.


Not only do I collaborate with brides, but I also have numerous boards for my couples to follow and see. I pin trends, color palettes, place cards, bridal gowns, and more.


Destination Wedding: IYP Works with a Couple From Amsterdam

Destination Wedding: IYP Works with a Couple From Amsterdam

IYP caters to couples from all over the world! We’ve planned destination weddings for couples from New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Connecticut, Utah, and California. But for the first time, Amsterdam.

Simone and Alexander are a young couple from Amsterdam who wanted their wedding in South Florida. Their one request was that their special day be by the beach. IYP took their requests and got to work right away. We worked with our lovely couple via Facetime, Skype, email, telephone and text message to find out exactly what they were looking for regarding their wedding location and style. Given the budget, we needed to do some negotiating with our vendors, but we eventually made it happen. This couple never would have been able to source all the elements & vendors involved without an experienced and talented wedding planner. In fact, many websites are not available in Europe for couples to view.

We secured the beach (long in advance) with a permit from the county, and provided décor and seating for the ceremony. We rented a small room in a local restaurant nearby (Oceans 234) for their private reception (overlooking the beach of course) where we integrated the color scheme of navy and pink with all the décor elements involved. The entire destination wedding party was so excited to be celebrating the wedding in the U.S.A.


Click here to see more pictures from Simone & Alexander’s wedding!



Cool Tips for Summer Weddings in South Florida

Cool Tips for Summer Weddings in South Florida

There is a lot of appeal to having a summer wedding. Summer months offer many discounts from vendors and venues because it is down season. As well, there are many holidays (Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day) that will provide days off from work and perfect timing for guests to travel and for a couple to celebrate their nuptials . However along with a summer wedding can come a few hurdles. Luckily for you, if you follow these tips and tricks, those obstacles can be easily avoided!


1. Think About Fabrics  Using clothing that is lightweight and airy will be well appreciated come your wedding day. Fabrics such as chiffon or silk dresses or linen suits can do wonders for keeping the bridal party cool while still looking formal and chic.










2. Cooling Down the Guests One way to prevent your guests from overheating is to give out fans before the ceremony. These fans can be personalized and can even double as wedding favors. They are a cute way to keep your guests cool and everybody happy.

3. Updo hairstyle  When considering what kind of hairstyle you want to rock on your wedding day, take into consideration the weather. More often than not, an updo is a classic look that will not be affected by the climate. Not only does keeping your hair up limit the effects of humidity, but you also don’t have to worry about hair sticking to the back of your neck as you say your vows.

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4. Indoor/Outdoor Venue In case of bad weather, it is smart to consider a venue that has an indoor space in case you need to bring the festivities inside. Picking an outdoor area that is independent of a physical structure, such as a park or the beach, can leave you with not plan B if it starts to rain. Always prepare for undesirable weather when planning an outdoor wedding; you wouldn’t want all your well-spent money to go to waste.

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5. Natural Shade  If your wedding budget doesn’t allow for tents, one way to avoid making your guests sit in sunlight is to utilize natural shade. Large trees are a natural canopy from direct sunlight and create a beautiful backdrop for any wedding ceremony.

MG-448 (1)









6. Keep Your Guests Hydrated Guests are likely to get thirsty during any wedding ceremony, especially one during summer. Do them a favor and supply them with water before it begins. Either offering water in jugs filled with lemons or other fruits, or giving out water bottles with custom labels, are a good addition to any summer wedding.

7. Wedding Favors Take advantage of the season when planning your guests’ wedding favors. One great idea, especially if you have a beach themed wedding, is to give out flip flops to your guests. They can wear them at the event and keep them afterwards. Flip flops can be personalized to say the name of the Bride and Groom and/or the date of the wedding. Other ideas include personalized beach tote bags and sparklers.

Photographers: Gonzalo Villota, Creative Focus

White Hot 60th Birthday Bash

1174601_10201238377794392_1687483651_n 1006356_10201238371594237_715062767_n 1148932_10201241822080497_1618899696_n 1234233_10201238369394182_1027032081_n 1240654_10201241825880592_487260894_nIt’s Your Party Events planned a surprise 60th Birthday Bash with a White Hot Theme. Guests were asked to wear all white clothing and the furniture and decor was all white, including the gaming tables. The guests dined on many different food stations, including a Chinese duck station. A surprise for the host was an amazing belly dancer with knives. The guests enjoyed the Studio 54 Tribute Band and danced the night away.