We are excited to announce that It’s Your Party has been selected for the 2016 Best of Boca Raton Awards in the Event Planning category from the Boca Raton Business Recognition.

What’s In Right Now

1. Bridal pant suits 2. Groom cakes 3. Pink and green for wedding colors 4. Long sleeves and lace (as seen by Kate Middleton and Bella from Twilight) 5. Bold prints and colors 6. The peony is the flower of the year 7. Wine and food pairings 8. Offbeat flavored cakes like Jack Daniels buttercream or lemon with raspberry

Why hiring a Professional Wedding Planner can save you money.

In today’s world everyone is finding ways to save, even when it comes to planning a wedding. With the many wedding expenses, from catering to venue to florals, some young bridal couples attempt to plan their own event. They don’t realize, however, how much time and money they can save by hiring a professional wedding(…)

Katie and Nick’s Wedding

This was a destination wedding where friends and family from all over the country came to witness the beautiful wedding at Boca Raton Beach Club and Resort on April 9th, 2011.